The Blizzard

by Alan Dodd

The worst snow storm I can remember happened about seventy years ago. When we woke up that morning, it was snowing hard and looked like it had snowed all night. By afternoon the wind began to blow and the snow began to drift. Our house was in Gaylordsville, two miles south of the village and the road there was known to be the worst place for drifts between New Milford and Kent. By late afternoon the plows could not keep up and cars began to get stuck and have to shovel out.

At that time there was bus service between Canaan and Danbury, southbound at 4 and northbound at 6:30. The southbound bus got stuck but managed to shovel out and the driver came to the house and telephoned Danbury not to send the northbound bus out as it could not get through. They didn't believe him.

Soon after that two women from Gaylordsville who knew us came to the door. They were stuck and scared and asked to stay all night. Mother, of course, told them they could. Soon after two more cars with a man in each car got stuck and they, too, came to the house.

At that time we had our own electric light plant so we were in no danger of losing power, and we kept bright lights on so people could see the house, as visibility was near zero. We had a wood-burning furnace and plenty of wood so everybody was warm.

Soon the driver and five male passengers from the northbound bus came in. The driver called Danbury and told them they were stuck but safe. They were still not smart and told him if he could not get through, they would send a driver that could. Soon we had three more added to our guest list. This made two women and eleven men and as there were six of us in our family, there was a full house. It was a big old farmhouse and mother had beds for the automobile people. The bus people slept in chairs and on the floor.

Mother got up the next morning and baked big pans of biscuits which she gave everybody for breakfast. A little later the plows got through and everybody got dug out.

This is the worst storm I can remember and it came in March.


©1998 Alan Dodd