The Gaylordsville Creche.

During the Christmas season, Charles and Dayle Elsesser of Gaylord Road set out their Neapolitan Creche for all to see and admire. At night the scene is lit and often draws many people from outside the immediate area. Each figure represents someone special to the Elsesser family. Face moulds are taken and then castings are made and added to the figure. Each lifesize figure is made of wire, cloth and plaster and new figures are added every year. They include adults, children and animals. The pictures below do not do justice to the spectacular scene, however, they will give you an idea of the extensive set-up and design thattook place for several winters in the past here in Gaylordsville.

Creche Overview

Creche Sign 1

Creche Sign 2

Creche Picture 4

Creche Picture 5

Creche Picture 6

Creche Picture 7

Creche Picture 8

January 1999