The Last Gaylords Living In Gaylordsville

By Alan Dodd

I first knew the Gaylords when I went to the Gaylord School. They lived in the house near the schoolhouse, where the Bossers now live. Therewas a sister, Jeannette, and three brothers, Allan, William, and Herman. Allan came to Gaylordsville when he retired. The others lived here all their lives. Allan had a daughter. The other three never married, so when they were gone, the Gaylord name was gone from Gaylordsville.

My only memory of Allan is a white-haired man who used to wait for me to go by on my way home from school to give me the rotogravure section of his Sunday paper. For my young readers, the rotogravure was a brown section of pictures in the Sunday papers. There was no TV, so pictures were in the paper.

Jeannette was a small woman and drove a big Buick touring car about 1918. As the cars of the day did not have adjustable seats, she used a big cushion in back of her so she could reach the pedals. We used to see he go by the farm, sitting straight as a ramrod. I doubt she ever went further than New Milford, but did better than her brothers who did not drive at all.

The brothers farmed, kept cattle and chickens and raised crops to feed them. Herman raised a small piece of tobacco and made his own cigars. He raised strawberries and raspberries and watermelons and gave the neighborhood children a cent a quart to pick the berries and melons. He was thr grave digger at the Gaylord Cemetery and said it was a good job, only people didn't die fast enough.

Will was the better natured of the two. We went to play ball in the lot across from the school, we always asked Will, as he was more apt to say yes. He sold one-cylinder gas engines and water pumps to add to his income. He outlived the others by several years and lived in the house with a housekeeper. he was the last Gaylord in Gaylordsville.

At Will's death, the house was sold and the contents given to the Gaylordsville Fire Department for an auction. We hired an auctioneer and made some much needed money for the fire department.

There are still members of other brothers of the Gaylord family living, but none in the area.


© 1998 Alan Dodd