A Brief History of the Cemeteries in Gaylordsville, Connecticut



In 1737 the William Gaylord family set aside over an Acre of land as a burying place for those living near the northwest corner of the New Milford Township. William Gaylord had first settled in Gaylordsville in 1725 and died October 25, 1753 at age 73. William was the first person to be buried in the cemetery, which is located on the west side of the present Gaylord Road, approx. 3/4 of a mile south of the present Route 7 intersection with it. There are a total of 78 Gaylord's recorded as being buried in the Gaylordsville Cemetery.

In 1863 an Association was organized to take into consideration the enlarging and fencing of the cemetery, this Association was reorganized in 1866 as the Gaylordsville Cemetery Association. Sometime between 1866 and 1868 the association purchased an additional adjoining parcel of land from the Hungerford family, this is what is now the upper part (in older records referred to as the new part) of the Cemetery. Lots were distributed based on member contributions and the remaining lots were sold at a later date.

There are 5 Revolutionary War Veterans buried in the Gaylordsville Cemetery, Captain William Gaylord who died in 1800, Nathaniel Osborn and Captain Ephraim Sterling died 1811, Jonathan Giddings died 1817 and Nathaniel Terry who died in 1832. In addition there are 7 Civil War Veterans buried there, Barnett Camp who died in 1860, Alexander Cronkright and James Mosher died 1863, William Warner died 1862, Edwin Camp died 1867, Andrew Bailey died 1872, and George Brague who died in 1928.

There are no plots left for sale today, although there is still an occasional burial of a family member of the remaining plot owners. The cemetery is presently being managed by a Board of Directors who are: Gerald Nahley President, Rosemary Nahley Treasurer, Betty Gebhardt, Karen Brett and Corinne Bellemare.



(Records soon to follow)

Around 1900the existing Gaylordsville Cemetery was filling up and there were no longer any plots for sale, so a new piece of ground containing four acres more or less was obtained from Alexander H. Barlow. This property is located a short distance north of the store on the road to South Kent. Here the Morningside Cemetery was created for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a burial place for the dead.

On October 19, 1901 the Morningside Cemetery Association was formed and on November 2, 1901 the original constitution and by-laws were adopted along with a plan for the cemetery.

The first burial in this cemetery was on December 5, 1901 when Charles Thomas was buried there. There were fourteen (14) remains transferred from the Gaylordsville Cemetery in later years, and reburied in Morningside, 3 from Bulls Bridge and 1 from the Kent Cemeteries. Eight of these transfers from the Gaylordsville Cemetery occurred in 1902. There are 2 Civil War Veterans buried in Morningside, Curtis Hall who died in 1888 whose remains were transferred from the Gaylordsville Cemetery in 1915, and Edmond Hatch who died and was buried in 1926.

On December 30, 1976, land containing an additional 0.4 acres more or less was deeded to the Cemetery Association by Robert D. & Doris C. Terhune, with the stipulation that the sale of plots in this section be restricted to residents or former residents of the Gaylordsville Fire District. (as such district existed at the date of the deed). These plots are located on the north boundary of the cemetery.

Currently the Morningside Cemetery Association is also managed by a Board of Directors who are: Lowell Hendrix President and Sexton, Mike Nott Treasurer/Secretary, Ed Larson, Harold Page, Dave Williamson and Gordon Hills.


There is a third, not so well known cemetery in Gaylordsville, which is located about a quarter mile south of the South Kent line. It is the Fanton Family Cemetery located approximately 200 feet in and to the right on the present Hebert Drive which is located just off the South Kent Road. The first burial in the Cemetery was with Robert Fanton in 1861, and the last was in 1905. There are seven Fanton family members buried in this Cemetery.

There may be others buried around Gaylordsville as several people have told me they remember seeing a stone standing here and there over the years, but to this date I've not been able to verify any of these. This is not to say that they are not there.

Written by Mike Nott, Sr.