by Alan Dodd

John D. Flynn was the founder and first President of the Gaylordsville Historical Society. New members will not remember John. He was born on August 20, 1921, in the first New Milford Hospital, which was on Whittlesey Avenue. The building was torn down when the New Milford Library addition was built.

John went to school at the Gaylord one-room school and to New Milford High School and Abbott Tech trade school in Danbury. When he graduated from trade school, World War II was starting and he joined the Army Air Force.

After the war he worked on our farm and for the state highway for a few years, and then got the job of RFD mail carrier for the town of Sherman. Sherman at the time had no post office and their mail came to the Gaylordsville Post Office and was delivered RFD to the homes in Sherman. When Sherman got their post office, he became the first RFD carrier from that office.

He was always interested in Gaylordsville history and spent a lot of time over the years collecting items and pictures. He wrote a book "The History of Gaylordsville," now in its third printing. Most of the pictures at the Gaylord School are ones he collected.

He had the idea of a Gaylordsville Historical Society and became its first President. He started the practice of the Gaylordsville Historical Society caring for Brown's Forge and I am sure would be happy if he could know the Gaylordsville Historical Society now owns Brown's Forge.


Ó 1999 Alan Dodd