Rural Free Delivery At Gaylordsville

by Alan Dodd

When I first came to Gaylordsville, Sherman had no post office and this mail came to the Gaylordsville Post Office and was delivered by RFD to Sherman residents. When I came to Gaylordsville, John Roche delivered the mail to Sherman. I was told that before him, Howard Conkrite delivered the mail on horseback. I don't know if he was the first or not.

John delivered delivered the mail with horse and wagon or sleigh and later with a Model T Ford. He bought a new Model T every year and kept the old one as a backup. In winter and spring he still had to use the wagon or sleigh on account of snow or mud. The wagon and sleigh both had a wooden body and roof and windows so John and the mail were out of the weather. John was the great uncle of Barbara Thorland who works at the Gaylordsville Post Office.

Several others had the job for short periods of time after John retired until John Flynn took the job just before Sherman got a post office. He was the last carrier to deliver Sherman mail from the Gaylordsville Post Office and the first to deliver it from the Sherman Post Office.

As the population of Gaylordsville grew, Gaylordsville got its own RFD route which operates from the Gaylordsville Post Office. I have read that this country and Canada are the only ones that have RFD service.


©1998 Alan Dodd