Grandpa Dodd's Old Regal

by Alan Dodd

Grandpa Dodd had the first car in the Dodd and Flynn family - a 1912 Regal. It was a big four cylinder two speed touring car. I have been told I rode in it but do not remember. Grandpa's car had a top and a windshield, both were optional equipment. The car had gas headlights and kerosene taillights. The lights would go out and have to be re-lit with a match. When they ran out of matches, they would roll up paper and light one from the other. The kerosene taillights didn't go out. The car would stall going up hills and Grandma would have to find a rock to block the wheel while Grandpa cranked. On one trip she said it stalled so often, she carried a rock in her lap.

Mother used to tell many times of one trip when they had many troubles and the car got to running real well and blew my hat off. When I tried to holler, she clapped her hand over my mouth. Never mind the hat when the car was running good.

Those were the good old days, when driving cars were fun and people were brave.


Written: January 1997


©1998 Alan Dodd