The Dodds

by Alan S. Dodd

The first Dodd was a disgrace so his family sent him to Canada from England to get rid of him. I believe that the Dodds were in Canada for some time before coming to the United States in the early 1800's.

One time while I was going from New York into Quebec, the man at customs said "the name Dodd interests me, my grandmother's maiden name was Dodd" and I said that my grandfather was from Montreal. We decided that we probably were cousins. I am mad at myself for not getting his name and address so I could write and learn more about the Dodds in Canada.

My grandfather, John Dodd, came from Canada as a boy with his father Iassc. They bought a farm in Squash Hollow. The house and barn were across from Harold Page's.

Grandpa Dodd had a step-brother Isaac Dodd who had a son Paul. Paul's adopted granddaughter was a friend of Lisa's. I think her name is Bonnie Olson Donzella.

John Dodd and Margaret Flynn were married and so the Dodd and Flynn families were joined.

Grandpa ran farms in New Milford and Danbury, one being where the police station is now. He then moved to Shelton and built many of the roads between Shelton and Newtown, making blacktop roads where there used to be dirt roads. He later worked several summers in Maine doing the same thing. He had 4 sons and a daughter. The sons all became ministers and the daughter married one. The son's names were Thomas John, Duncan, Philip Harison and Alan Dodd.The daughter was named Elizabeth Dodd Morris. Thomas, the oldest son, was my father. He died when I was so young that I have no memory of him. I wish I did. He is buried along with Grandma and Grandpa Dodd in the Shelton Cemetery. Grandma lived about 10 years after Grandpa died. She always planned to be at the farm on Memorial Day. Every year I would take her to Shelton with flowers for Grandpa's grave.


Written: January 1997


©1998 Alan Dodd