Gaylordsville Parks

By Alan Dodd

Emanuel Williamson Park

I am sure many Gaylordsville residents do not know why Emanuel Williamson Park got its name.

Emanuel, or Manuel as he was called, came from Norway to Gaylordsville in the early 1900’s. He came to the Thompson Farm that was located at the intersection of Gaylord Road and Cedar Hill Road and is now mostly covered by houses. Emanuel worked there until the start of WW I when he joined the Army and served overseas.

After the war he came back to the farm for awhile then got a job in the Locomobile factory in Bridgeport, CT. Locomobile was a small company that built expensive cars.

When Route 7 was completed he came back to Gaylordsville, bought an old horse barn and in it opened Gaylordsville’s first garage. He became one of Gaylordsville’s best known citizens and Manuel or the "Square Head", was known for miles on both sides of Gaylordsville. He was referred to as "Square Head" because of his Norwegian heritage. He once got a card mailed in Europe to "The Square Head", Gaylordsville, CT USA, which he enjoyed showing at the garage.

He was one of the leaders in forming the fire department and was well known in New Milford as well as Gaylordsville. It is good that a park is named for him that will be enjoyed after those who remember him are gone.

Ó 1999 Alan Dodd