Things I Remember In Gaylordsville


The Memoirs of Alan Dodd

Alan Dodd, Summer 1997

Webmasters note: Alan Dodd passed away in September 1999. He loved Gaylordsville and was

very proud of this site. Thanks to all of you who took the time to send Alan an email.

He will be missed but never forgotten.

Table of Contents

1. Rural Free Delivery at Gaylordsville.

2. The Blizzard.

3. The Last Gaylords Living In Gaylordsville.

4. Driving a Car in the Early 1920's.

5. The Milk Business in Gaylordsville.

6. The Dodds.

7. Grandpa Dodd's Old Regal.

8. Building Route 7 in the Early 1920's.

9. Great Grandfather John Flynn.

10. The Fords.

11. Early History of the Gaylordsville Fire Department.

12. The Old LaFrance.

13. People That Are Gone That We Should Remember, and Thank on the 50th Anniversary of Gaylordsville Fire Department.

14. New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad.

15. I Remember Bank Street.

16. The Gaylord School In The Teens.

17. New Milford High School In The Teens And Twenties.

18. I Remember Clarence Evans

19. John D. Flynn

20. The Bridges of Gaylordsville

21. The History of the World War II Memorial & the Charlie Jones Park

22. The George Brague Memorial Flag

23. Squash Hollow

24. Gaylordsville Parks

25.Camping in Gaylordsville in 1922

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