The Fords

by Alan S. Dodd

Grandma Flynn's maiden name was Ford. A first cousin, who wanted to join the Daughter's of the American Revolution, traced the Fords back to the 1600's when the first Ford came to this country on the next boat after the Mayflower.

An interesting sideline, Ester Snider, a friend of Alta Jacot, traced her ancestors back to a Ford who came over on the next boat after the Mayflower. It must have been the same Ford.

Later, the four Ford brothers received a grant of land from the King of England that included most of the Cornwalls. Great Grandmother Ford had eight children - 5 boys and 3 girls. The youngest son, Arthur, was my grandfather. The four older sons were all killed in the Civil War. Arthur was too young to go. Grandma Ford is burried in the Cornwall Hollow Cemetary as are some of her brother-in-laws. Grandpa's name is on the grave stone but he was burried many years later in Vermont where he lived most of his life.

Mother had a brother Frank Ford who had no children and a step-sister Grace Ford who I never knew.


Written: January 1997


© 1998 Alan Dodd