The Gaylordsville Historical Society

Early in 1967, the New Milford Board of Education announced for a variety of reasons it was no longer practical to keep the Gaylordsville school open and it would be permanently closed in June. Gaylordsville would lose the school where for 227 years its children had started their education. The announcement was received with regret. The school, the last one room school to be operated in the state, had earned their affection during its long career.

A group of Gaylordsville residents soon began working to provide for the preservation of the building. At a town meeting in 1968, a resolution was passed barring its sale, as this had always been the fate of schools no longer used. No deed to the land could be found, so it was assumed that the land would revert to the owner of the surrounding property. Mr. Norris Wildman, owner of the property at the time, agreed to relinquish to the town whatever rights he might have if the school was to be preserved. In 1969 a resolution was adopted in a town meeting calling for the restoration and preservation of the school as an historic site. The Board of Selectmen appointed a committee to be responsible for this project.

In 1975, the Gaylordsville Historical Society was started with its first president, John D. Flynn, Sr. The purpose of the organization is to bring together the people interested in the history of Gaylordsville and to display, preserve and protect items of historical interest and significance to the community.