People Now Gone That We Should Remember, And Thank On The 50th Anniversary Of The Gaylordsville Fire Department.

by Alan Dodd

Frank Beach and Emanuel Williamson were the ones who first started talking about a fire department in Gaylordsville. Emanuel was always there when we needed him. He let us use his barn for our trucks before we had a firehouse.

Frank was always a leader and as Chairman of the Finance Committee, he raised more money than anyone else.

Harry Furnside was a newcomer to Gaylordsville. Though we didn't know him well, we elected him as Chief because he was the only man who had belonged to a fire department before. He taught us a lot and ran our first carnival when most of us didn't think it possible. The carnival was our main source of income for many years.

Al Farnham was our second Chief and one of our best drivers. Al lived across from the firehouse and when the alarm sounded, he had a truck outside and running by the time the next man got there.

Charlie Jones, Ex-chief and member of the first Equipment Committee, helped drive the Chevrolet truck in from Schenectady. He did our bingo calling at the carnivals and took charge of our Memorial Day ceremony for many years.

Jim Hastings, Ed Dolan and Jack Dodd were carpenters who took charge of building the firehouse and showed us what to do and how to do it.

Al Trautman was a member of the first Equipment Committee. He also wired the firehouse free of charge.

John Pol paid for the cement floor for the firehouse "so we wouldn't have to walk in the dirt".

Willard Thorp got us a furnace at cost and installed it free.

Ray Booth was a good driver and mechanic and was always ready to help.

Leo Rosati, on the night we voted to buy the Chevrolet truck, he endorsed his pay check and gave it to us as our first donation.

Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Farnham helped take care of our fire alarm calls until we could hire it done.

The men who gave all the time that summer so we could have a firehouse by cold weather.

I know I have forgotten some who should have been named and I am sorry.

It was a great example of community cooperation and I am glad I was part of it.


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©1998 Alan Dodd